Boston Retrospective

So, I had planned on not writing any posts before heading to Guatemala because I hoped I would be working up a storm here in New York City. Unfortunately work is harder to come by than I thought, so I will be taking advantage of my free time and hitting up some of the amazing museums that the city has to offer. Usually I make excuses for not visiting them, either I have no money to pay the entrance fee, or I’m working too much and have no time to devote to the exhibits. My goal for the upcoming weeks is to illustrate how it is still possible to gallavant around a world class city and stay within budget constraints. I’ll be taking advantage of many of the great free and pay-what-you-wish museum days at various institutions. There are also many attractions that are free every day, and I’m sure I’ll also check out some of those.

After reading that explanatory paragraph, why is this titled ‘Boston Retrospective’ you ask?

State House

Because right after I got back from Europe I went to visit my good friend from Skidmore, Lindsay! I requested an affordable day of Boston fun, and she came up with some great ideas. I joked that if any idea was good enough I’d blog about it, and all her ideas were excellent. We ended up walking through Boston on The Freedom Trail. It was an amazingly beautiful day and unseasonably warm, so it was a natural choice to spend the day out walking around. The object is to follow a red brick trail around to different historical sites around the city. It brings you buy many historical sites, and there are lots of educational plaques along the trail. We started out in The Common in front of the State House. From there we spent a while in an old graveyard, looking for famous revolutionaries. We took a snack detour in Faneuil Hall, trying to offset the health benefits of our walk. When we got to the North End Lindsay pointed out the ‘best’ cannoli’s, and insisted on getting one (at Modern Pastry). Not being a cannoli fan I didn’t want to buy one, but I totally regretted that decision after I had a nibble from hers. The trail ends at the Bunker Hill Monument. Apparently you can walk up the monument and check out the view from the top, but we were unaware. We should have done a little more research before setting out!

Bunker Hill Monument

Lindsay at the Monument

Later that night Lindsay and I met her Fiancé Brian at Lord Hobo, and had awesome burgers. They oogled over the drink list and I oogled over the beer list, and we all ate some delicious food.

It was a great trip to Boston, and a great visit with an old friend. Let’s see if she can top this experience next time I visit!


2 responses to “Boston Retrospective

  1. Yay!!! I went to Modern Pastry, which I think is better than Mike’s. And we went to Lord Hobo for dinner. I’m so happy that you blogged about your visit!

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