Mercado in Chichicastenango

Luckily it didn’t rain

This weekend looks to be a chilly rainy one, hopefully it will keep me inside studying! Between volunteering and taking actual classes I feel like I have no time to let anything stick in my head. Plus, there are some good side trips that take away my weekend study time.

For example, last Sunday Stacy and I went with a few of the medical students to a market in Chichi.

Market Day

It is basically a huge market for traditional crafty objects, like woven and embroidered clothes and carved masks. I intended to bring only Q200, about 25 Dollar, but I let Stacy borrow some, and then she ended up taking out her own money anyway, so I had Q400…and I spent almost all of it!

Part of the fun of the day was haggling. I’m not a good haggler, but here it is pretty much expected of you. Considering it is a specifically tourist market most objects are marked up pretty high. I ended up buying 2 scarfs, a small bag for cash and one for coins, some jelly shoes, a gold plated necklace chain (nice and long), and a beautiful traditional embroidered belt. Half the fun (and disappointment) was getting home and showing my host mother, who informed me of how much I should have paid.

Stacy in the hand embroidered poncho she purchased
Turkeys for sale
Church in Chichi
Parrots at the nicest hotel I’ve seen in all of Guatemala … so far


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