The Writing on the Wall

One of my favorite pastimes here is walking around and photographing the graffiti. Guatemala has such a tumultuous political history, and it is often expressed in the graffiti around the streets.

Mural at the public university

I went to the public university with my teacher one day and she explained the significance of a lot of the murals. It was quite an interesting and educational experience. I compared it to the murals around Skidmore and University of South Carolina. I don’t remember many political overtones at either of my U.S. schools, but everything at the University in Guatemala reflected the tumultuous past, whether it was a mural of Che Guevara or one depicting the corruption in the government.

Political Street Graffiti

I just found this one walking on the streets. The skeletons represent student revolutionaries, the suited person is either or a solider or government official. I can’t remember (or read) all of what the words say, but it’s for the abolishment of something…

Dark suited figure

True Love


Fat man

Not all of the images have actual political context. I’m sure many are just artistic expressions. I like coming across them. It’s like a private art show…because often times they are located on streets that don’t get as much traffic or are more out of the way. I hope to find more treasures to share.


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