Los Banos and Zunil


This past weekend I went to some public baths. The way it works is you rent a room and they fill up a bathtub with hot water and you get to stay for an hour. Between three of us it was Q20, about $2.75. A great deal. Although the water was so hot I kept getting nauseated.

Almost the whole church, Zunil, Guatemala

After the baths we headed a little further down the road to the small town of Zunil. It is basically famous for having a beautiful white church. Of course when we got there it was raining and the church was closed. I noticed that one of the padlocked doors wasn’t actually locked, so I broke in. That’s right, I broke into a CHURCH! The door only lead to the staircase up to the bells. Stacy and I walked up the steep spiral staircase while our friend was supposed to pose as a lookout. Of course, upon arriving at the top of the stairs and looking out I saw him walking away from us, across the square. Luckily we were not found out!

Stacy getting ready to head back down to the ground.

View of the square from the bells, Zunil.

We walked around the town for a little while, exploring the alleyways. Eventually we ended up at the cemetery. In Zunil, on the day of the dead, everyone paints all the graves white. It made for a different experience walking through a graveyard where almost every monument was white, particularly because of the typically lively cemeteries in Central America.

Cemetery in Zunil, the black and white makes the white graves POP

View of the outskirts, some nice vertical agriculture

Now I’m off to travel around for a while in El Salvador. I’m very excited, and I hope I get to share some more adventures!


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