El Salvador

I finished up language school and decided to do a little traveling since I didn’t get much of a chance in Xela. First activity? Crossing the border into El Salvador.

Welcome to El Salvador!

So, after crossing the border and realizing how much hotter EVERYWHERE other than Xela was, we headed off to La Ruta De Flores, and series of picturesque towns in El Salvador. We stayed the first couple nights in Juayua, a town know for its weekend food festivals. We made sure to get our fill of cheap street meat, $5 or less for a heaping plateful. The next day we went to check out some waterfalls and bathing pools, as well as the most picturesque of the towns along the ruta: Ataco.

Los Chorros de Calera, El Salvador

Los Chorros de Calera, El Salvador

They had some great murals in Ataco, El Salvador.

From there we moved on to the beach. We stayed in Los Cobanos for 2 nights. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in El Salvador, with striking black rocks and white sand. The black rocks are deceiving sharp though, and we all ended up with quite a few swimming injuries. We moved on to Playa Zonte for the next night. Zonte is known as a Surfer’s beach, and that was the truth. I was sick and ended up sleeping most of the time we were there (thankfully we got a hostel with AC!) but my travel companions reported back that the waves were too strong for swimming.

Los Cobanos Beach, El Salvador

Rocky beach, Los Cobanos, El Salvador

After the beach we started heading north. We spent one night in Suchichoto, one of the hottest (temperature-wise) places in El Salvador. We got a great deal on a beautiful hostel, and managed to check out one of the most unique waterfalls I’ve ever seen. After Suchichoto we headed to La Palma for our last night in El Salvador. It was a rainy, peaceful and beautiful night, setting us up nicely to cross the border into Honduras the next morning.

View of the Reservoir (Embalse Cerron Grande) from our hotel, Suchichoto, El Salvador

Cascada Los Terceros, Waterfall, Suchichoto, El Salvador

Wall Art, La Palma, El Salvador

Wall Art, La Palma, El Salvador

La Palma was a city full of murals. They were beautiful, and gave the town a lot of character, definitely a nice way to leave the country, if only it hadn’t rained most of the time we were walking around!

Now it’s on to Honduras for my last week in Central America. Hopefully my health will hang in there for one more week, and I can frolic in the Caribbean waves!


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