Copan, Honduras

Greetings from the most annoying birds on the planet. These guys hang out at the entrance to the Copan Ruinas Archaeological Park.

Last week I went to see the Maya ruins at Copan in Honduras. Now I’m back staying at Copan Ruinas for the night before heading to Antigua and then back to New York. It has been quite a trip, and now that I’m traveling solo I’ve got too much spare time! I thought it was only fitting to write about my experience here last week seeing the ruins.

Copan is known as the ‘Paris of the Mayan World’, with the most stelae of any ruins, according to the Lonely Planet Central America guide book. I was super psyched because ever since I saw ‘The Voyage of the Mimi II’ when I was in 5th or 6th grade I’ve wanted to see some Mayan ruins. Plus I’ve spent 2 months living among the Mayan people in Guatemala and I really wanted to see how the ancestors had lived. I was not disappointed.

We entered the park after paying the $15 admission fee and it was virtually empty. Compared to my visits to European tourist sites this was amazing. I was able to take pictures of huge structures and not have to worry about stray people walking into them.

View of one of the fields. I don't know what anything was called...

Everything was fascinating. From the scale of the temples to the intricately carved stelae with all the hieroglyphs on them.

Check out the scale of the building as my friend poses.

One half of the ball court.

Close up of one of the many Stella

Half a face

One of the parts that I wish I had given more time to was walking around the part of the ruins that contained the ruins of the more residential homes. I  was getting pretty tired, plus my camera died. What’s the point of looking at ruins if you can’t take pictures (even pictures as unflattering as the ones I captured??!) I’m sure I was getting hungry and cranky around this time too…surprise surprise.

left over foundations of an ancient apartment building.

All in all it was an exceptional experience. I can’t wait until I’ve saved enough money to come back and travel to other ruins. I think that’s going to be my next goal, a trip around Mexico and Guatemala to see the ruins.

Anyone want to come?


One response to “Copan, Honduras

  1. Great pictures and commentary !! Have been to several sites on the Yucatan Peninsular .. hope to get to Copan one day !!

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