Astoria Astoria

So, I’ve moved back to Astoria. Well, technically it’s my first time living in Astoria, because before I lived in Long Island City. My new place is further north, and Greeker.

I’ve got some beautiful views though:

Train Bridge. LIRR I think.

I chose this area because I liked living in Long Island City so much, and because as I need to spend most of my time split between midtown Manhattan and Lehman College in the Bronx, Astoria was a nice compromise. The commute isn’t too bad, and the apartment is pretty nice for the amount of money I pay. A two room studio is plenty of room for me and my two kitties. Even if they are larger than some small dogs.

My 'living area'...across from the kitchen and to the side of the 'dining area'

Here the cat is posing so you can see how large he is. Or how small a NYC Apartment can be.

I like the neighborhood. It’s quiet where my apartment is situated, near good restaurants for both eating at and take-out, and there is a ton of light, and air, so I haven’t been sweltering (yet).

Also, I’m 1 block away from Astoria Park. It’s a beautiful place, with a large lawn for sunning yourself, river views, tennis courts, basketball courts, a bocci court, a playground, bike paths, jogging paths, and, of course, a gigantic public pool. What more could you ask for??

Pool with the RFK bridge in the background. Don't you just want to dive in?

Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. Formerly known as the Triboro.

And, if I ever feel like I’m too far from the action, at least I get a great view of the city-scape.

City skyline from the park

The weather’s finally cooling down, but I can’t wait for next summer when it heats up again and I am just 5 minutes away from a free pool!


9 responses to “Astoria Astoria

  1. will do – thanks!

  2. Hi, I would like to use one of the RFK Bridge photos in a proposal I am writing. May I do so? To whom should I credit the photograph?

  3. Hey, so i see u live in astoria and commuted to lehman.. how did you find the commute?

    • Hi,
      Yes, I live in Astoria near the park. The commute to Lehman isn’t so bad to me. Usually takes about 45 mins to an hour, and there’s usually no problem finding a seat. From where I used to live it would have been 2 hours, and to get shorter than an hour would have probably raised my rent. Considering my current rent and the neighborhood I’m happy with the trade off. It’s just one transfer to the 4 from the N/Q. I’ve driven it as well, but it’s kind of a hassle if you want to avoid the tolls, and takes nearly the same amount of time depending on traffic.

  4. Your apt. looks great! I used to live in Elmhurst back in the day. Hilary and I will stop by and visit when she’s checking out NYC schools–JUST kidding, unless you really ARE up for visitors? Your kitties are adorable–mine are big, too.

  5. Your place looks cute! I cant wait to visit.

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