¡Bienvenidos a Vieques!

This past weekend I took a little vacay to Puerto Rico! A nice weekend getaway, if I do say so myself. It was in thanks to my lovely Auntie and Unclie who own a house on the island of Vieques, and my mom, who decided we had to go see it!

Mom and Sarah on the deck

The house was gorgeous, with tons of windows and an amazing view.

We spent the mornings at the beach, and the afternoons on adventures. During beach time I took advantage of the plethora of marine remnants and went treasure hunting! I found a ton of cool shells. My favorites were the old conches.

Some treasures on the beach

We wanted to go to a pristine beach, but it being the end of the rainy season we couldn’t drive our rental car down the road. Instead we took to our feet, wading through calf-deep puddles, and praying we wouldn’t step on any crabs. We did, however, see (and avoid stepping on) some pretty awesome hermit crabs.


Playa Navio

Besides seeing tons of hermit and regular crabs, there was wildlife everywhere. Geckos galore, bats, and horses! That’s right, horses! Horses on Vieques are like stray dogs in Guatemala. They roam the streets in gangs, and they do as they please. I pet a few, but they weren’t too keen on it, and I was luck to retain my fingers! Some people will claim a pony, and then you hear the clip-clop of the hooves late at night on the paved streets. There were also domesticated animals, like turkeys, who we had some great conversations with.

Gecko with some romantic christmas lights

'Wild' horses

Sarah's new BFFs


One response to “¡Bienvenidos a Vieques!

  1. I love it! I love the treasures!

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