The Most Magical Place in Vermont

Magic Mountain

This past weekend I took a trip out of The City for a mountain time with Kyle up in Vermont. She works for Ski Vermont, a great organization that ties together Vermont’s alpine and nordic ski resorts with Vermont businesses…or something like that. Regardless, I had a great couple days enjoying the fresh air and clean snow!

Old timey chair lifts (ski machinery).

I came and met Kyle for her Sunday event, at Magic Mountain. As a chronic equipment renter, I was very happy with the boots and boards Magic had to offer. Bad equipment really ruins my day.

Magic is a fun mountain, really transporting you back in time. How does it do this? Well, there is only one working lift. It’s a 2-person lift, and it’s not high-speed. So, you get to enjoy a nice leisurely trip up to the top, allowing ample time to rest between runs. The mountain is fairly evenly split, about 1/3 each beginner, intermediate and advanced, although I’d say all their trails were slightly more difficult than your typical mountain ratings. Kyle said it’s one of the steepest mountain in Southern Vermont (if not the most steep).

I had fun, did a bunch of runs, and between runs I’d stop and say hi to Kyle, in her sugarshack. sugarshack.

They were giving out stickers, free sugar on snow (thick maple syrup ladled over snow, turns into a chewy, sweet mess), cabot cheddar cheese, oyster crackers, and selling other great Vermont products (maple sugar, syrup, and candy). Near the end of the day we went tubing, which was so much fun. Two of my favorite winter activities are definitely tubing and tobogganing. They’re like sledding for adults, and you get a lift to take you to the top of the hill.

Let's go tuuuubing!

View of Stratton (or Bromley) from Magic

There were intermittent flurries throughout the day, but we got some great views of Bromley and Stratton. After our day at Magic we headed to Townshend for the night. We’ve had a lot of snow at the house, and luckily Kyle was willing to drive me up to the house (my non-winterized car has gotten stuck so many times I was afraid to drive it up the driveway).

Snow-filled deck, heavenly clouds (haha).

View of Stratton from the vermont house (would be near where that odd circle is).

Monday morning it was time for me to head back to school, and for Kyle to head back north. We ended our little reunion with a delicious breakfast at the Dam Diner, which was almost a disaster because we weren’t aware of the cash only policy until after we ordered. Luckily there was an ATM…a few miles away in Harmonyville. Crisis averted after a quick emergency drive. A delicious end to a great weekend!

The Dam Diner - so 'dam' good!


3 responses to “The Most Magical Place in Vermont

  1. I’m glad you had a great time at Magic! Vermont is truly magical at any season and I hope you will come back and experience our mountains again, and sample more tasty Vermont products!

  2. Looks like fun! Did you find your camera? I thought it was lost or broken or something… P.S. We should go to your house in Vermont this summer.

    • I finally got my replacement camera. Now I can entertain you with blog posts any time I feel like procrastinating! And with a trip to Colorado and one to Colombia planned, you should begin getting excited. Also, I agree it would be fun to do something in Vermont this summer.

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