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Colorado Rocks and Snow

The backside of Crested Butte from town.

Right now I’m on SPRRRRRIIIINNNGGG BREAK! It’s really late in the spring semester at CUNY, and it’s a week and a half. I guess they give us the extra days to make up for scheduling it during Easter/Passover. Lucky me, I got to head up to Crested Butte to visit Sister Sarah during the off season!

Welcome to Crested Butte!

In the Spring off season it’s mud season. In Crested Butte that meant it snowed or rained every day, but got melty and muddy after a few hours. The town has two seasons, Winter for skiing, and Summer which is the super-on season, and people come for wildflowers and other activities. The town is pretty awesome, nice and grid-like with some amazing scenery. Everyone rides bikes around, and they call them townies because your ride them around town. Very clever. Sarah’s got taken out by a snowplow, so we just walked everywhere.

Free shuttle bus to the Mountain.

Or we took one of the free shuttles up to the mountain resort. One of my goals was to be physically active as much as possible, considering I’ve been super busy in the NYC and haven’t had much time for anything besides school. We went to the gym up at the mountain a few times, and went hot tubbing and swimming in the heated pool. It’s a pretty sweet set-up, like your own private spa.

Me and Sister snowshoeing

Me and Sarah and her friend Molly went snowshoeing which was pretty cool. The snow was really deep, but it was pretty heavy so we stayed on top most of the time. Despite Sarah’s desire for something physically challenging we went on a pretty flat walk so I could handle the altitude and exercise without dying.

Hartman Rocks Recreation Area

Sarah and Molly had a little spring fever, so we went to Hartman’s to do some bouldering. It’s a huge recreation area where people rock climb, boulder, mountain bike, dirt bike, camp, enjoy the great outdoors, etc. It was my first time bouldering, and it was awesome. Summer time is rock climbing time, so they were getting psyched up and showing me the climbs people go on. We drove around in Molly’s truck which has an altimeter and some dials that show the angle the truck is at, which was pretty cool, especially on the steeper roads. I took a ton of pictures, and did a lot of scrambling too. It’s easy getting up, but kind of intimidating to get back down.

Sarah climbing her way up a crevass

I also got to see where Sarah works, her favorite coffee place, and we went out to an amazing dinner, sponsored by the parentals. It was a great spring break, despite all my procrastinating. I had a big old binder with my schoolwork that only made its way out of my bag once. Good thing I’ve got two extra days to get on top of my work!

Here’s a bunch of other pictures that show all the awesome things we did/saw out in the Crested Butte/Gunnison area too! The only downside was having to check my bag and then having the airline lose it on my return to NYC. I’m hoping it will turn up soon. Despite this inconvenience, it was way nicer to fly into Gunnison than bus it up from Denver…and I got to hang out more with Sissy!

Tiger Rock (or wall?) There are a bunch of ways up, and they're all pretty hard, or so I heard.

Camp 4 Coffee. Good hot chocolate too.

Sunflower Deli, where Sarah works. Great sandwiches!

Twinxxxx! We painted her toenails pink. She is a part-time resident at Sarah's condo.

One of the mountains we saw while snow shoeing. I can't remember it's name, but I think it starts with an 'M'.