Monthly Archives: May 2011

Living in the BK

So, finally set up the apartment after a 5-day moving fest. Brooklyn is great, and being on the edge of gentrification brings the best of both worlds: good restaurants that are actually affordable! The apartment is bright and airy…and used to be a hospital!

The glamorous entrance to our building. It's to discourage the snobs from taking over.

I moved into a two bedroom with my classmate. Here she is getting to know one of the locals.

Suzie and the graffiti.

So, here are a few pictures of the apartment. You’ll see the ‘living area’, ‘kitchen area’, and my bedroom.

Living room area

Kitchen area

Bedroom. The bed is a queen size, if you're wondering about scale.

One of the perks about living out here, and with a roommate, is all the space! We get great light, and great views all the time. We managed to snag a corner apartment too, which is great because we get some good air circulation.

Our apartment...from the roof! Top floor, left side to just past the second column thing.

Another nice thing about the apartment is the proximity to Prospect park. About a 10 minute walk and I get to go relax in one of the city’s biggest parks, go to the Brooklyn Museum, hit up the farmer’s market at Grand Army Plaza…I’ll stop so you don’t get too jealous.

Roof with a view.

Picture of the view courtesy of Suzie.

My favorite building to look at from the apartment. a.k.a. the 'ketchup' building.