Adventures in New York City

My 'hood is so positive! And the squirrel and pigeon are wearing crowns!

So, I’m about to embark on a road trip to Colorado with the Mominator. We will pack up the little Yaris and head off for 2 weeks across the country and back. Our mission: To eat at places mentioned in Jane and Michael Stern’s Roadfood book and/or blog. They are frequent contributors to the Splendid Table podcast on NPR, and make everything they eat sound delicious. Oh, yeah, the other goal of the trip is to visit the Sister out in Crested Butte.

Since I will surely be creating blog entries instead of studying for my big exam at the end of the summer, I thought I’d warm up by throwing out some of the (free!) things I’ve done in NYC in the past few weeks. Summer is a great time here, especially when you have lots of free time, or need to do anything besides study.

Arch at Grand Army Plaza

Grand Army Plaza

Pond in Prospect Park

About a month and a half ago me and the roomie went to Prospect Park to check out the farmers market. Still early in the season there wasn’t much variety, and everything was pretty expensive (even for a farmers market). We dropped off our compost (why does it cost money to drop of our waste, which they then turn into soil and sell at the farmer’s market?), and then started walking. We ended up walking most of the perimeter of the park, and our simple exploration turned into a 2.5 hour hike.

Coney Island

Coney Island

Coney Island

I went to Coney Island a couple of weeks ago to beat the heat, and take a study break…that lasted all day. It was so much fun, and cleaner than the last time I went (about 4 years ago), although it’s surely not the Hamptons. You still need to watch out for broken glass in the sand…it turns into a little challenge! It was also great, because it was a Friday, and there weren’t too many people there at all. I didn’t go on any rides (I was alone, and I’m kind of a chicken), but I couldn’t figure out why this place isn’t packed! It’s a great bit of NYC history, plus there are ads in like every subway car I ride in.

Even the sign for the High Line is classy.

Flowers in the High Line

Umm, more flowers in the High Line

View of the Hudson from the High Line

Future High Line? We'll just have to wait and see.

This past weekend me and the roomie went on an unplanned 6.5 mile hike. It started at the southern end of the new High Line Park. This park has transformed an abandoned above-ground subway line, turning it into a lush park. It’s planted with native species, and is landscaped beautifully. It is really more of a gorgeous walking path from about 14th street up to 30th than a park, but it’s one of the free things you should do if you’re ever in NYC. We turned it into a 6.5 mile hike by walking to the east side once we got to 30th Street, and proceeding down the East River down to NoLiTa to check out a tattoo shop and jewelery store. Exhausted, we returned to our hood and ordered a pizza!

So, that’s about it for the recent NYC adventures. Looking forward to exploring the country, since the majority of my travels have been overseas in one direction or another. And, of course can’t wait to see the Sister and eat good food!

This is how my kitties feel about me leaving them.


12 responses to “Adventures in New York City

  1. when you get to Colorado perhaps you’ll have time to swing thru Black Hawk and Central City where Maggie and I lived. No place to park though. There’s a back road to Idaho Springs and I-70 that goes thru Russell Gulch where I lived.The road going down through Virginia Canyon is nick-named the Omigod Road. jb

  2. Steve & Karen

    If you are in the Twin City area, give us a call at 763-559-7775. We be happy to try out one of those restaurants with you! (Steve and Karen)

    • Don’t think we’ll be heading to your neck of the woods (too far north), but if anything changes, you’ll be the first to know!

  3. so jealous about your upcoming road trip–sounds like a blast! I miss Ellie! My brother and his wife went on a 6-week cross-country trip visiting major league ballparks–lucky. They had a great time. Have a wonderful time and eat LOTS of good food for me!

  4. Connie Chesebrough

    Liz: this is splendid! I will enjoy reading your comments as you travel and as I slave away @ work in brutal heat in a state hospital building. . Thanks for including me.

  5. Ted Green the elder

    Did you make it to New Jersey yet?

  6. Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? There is an episode where Lily and Marshal buy a condo in DoWiSeTrePla, which they come to find out stands for down wind of a sewage treatment plant, haha. Oh New York!

  7. What is NoLiTa, it sounds made up. You need to spell these things out for those of us who dont live in THE CITY. P.S. Have fun on your road trip!

    • NoLiTa is North of Little Italy. I did not make it up! It’s actually close to where I lived when I lived in the basement apartment with Jeremy. P.S. Thanks!

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