Jamboree on the Road

*Disclaimer: my computer is not co-operating, so some pictures are sized wrong and not captioned. *

Roooooaaaaadtriiiiiiipppp!!! or: Mom in a sombrero

Soooo, turns out road trips involve a lot of driving. Who knew? We’re driving out to Colorado pretty aggressively, aiming to hit Denver Saturday, and our final destination of Crested Butte (Sister’s town) Sunday. As a result, there’s a lot of driving and very little exploring. As I sit here tossing back a 22oz Bud Light (that both my mom and the gas station attendant made fun of me for…because I only got one), I’ll share some of our experiences from today…and don’t worry, I won’t pull the same boring post tomorrow, I’ll just update if something exciting actually happens!

Last night went out with the mom and the roomie to a yummy middle eastern restaurant, and then the speakeasy in our ‘hood. It was great, and had fun showing the mom the ‘hood. Mom and I departed the BK bright and early the next day…around 9:30 after I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Verizon (don’t worry, I won). Got a bagel at the place near my house I’ve been dying to try, and hit the road.

You can tell it’s a speakeasy by its nondescript outside, even during the drive-by photo shoot.

Breakfast of champions...in the car.

We drove for a long while, and decided to get lunch at some road food place in Pennsylvania. We spent half an hour looking for this specific restaurant in Palmyra, PA, and lo and behold, despite fighting for a good 5 minutes in the car while pulled over, upon looking up we saw the sign for the place. That’s right, we pulled in without realizing it, and fought about how to find the place. Turns out it was just an outlet, and we had to drive a few blocks away for the restaurant anyway. It was worth it too:

Funcks Family Restaurant, which I pronounce "Funke" in my head, as in Tobias from Arrested Development...

My turkey melt on a pretzel roll, and mom's BLT on sourdough. Homemade potato chips too. Yum.

We drove through Hershey Pennsylvania right after lunch, and it’s true, the streets do smell like chocolate. AND, the streetlights are Hershey Kisses (It’s hard to take pictures and drive at the same time!).

Streetlight in Hershey, PA

Our goal was to make it to Ohio today, and we succeeded…although we didn’t get to do much besides drive. We’re staying in America’s Best Value Inn (it’s not really), and the Jamboree is in town. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to go to a Jamboree, so we’re hanging out at the motel. Woo Hoo! We did have a delish dinner at the West Texas Roadhouse, in St. Clairsville, OH.

West Texas Roadhouse

My steak and beer dinner. I saved half for breaky tomorrow.

So, to sum it up, today consisted of eating and driving. To break up the monotony we’re also playing the license plate game. I created a picture that represents all the license plates we saw today. Also included is my note sheet. See how well I know American geography, and try to spot all my errors! It shouldn’t be too hard…

The state license plates we saw today!

State abbreviations...Liz style. Note that not only do I write them (incorrectly at times), but I also check each one off.

To keep this from turning into a food blog, I probably won’t write again for a few days…at least until we get a chance to see something besides highways and fast food! Tomorrow: Saint Louis!


2 responses to “Jamboree on the Road

  1. Why do you have such an aggressive driving schedule? Are you going to get to spend more time on the way back from CO?

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