We’re not in Kansas Anymore…We’re in Colorado!

Final destination is getting close!

We left a hot and steamy Kansas and continued our westward journey. We decided to wait for lunch until we got to Colorado, and ended up eating at the first town that looked like it had some restaurant potential (road food let us down, nothing in our vicinity). We pulled off the road in Burlington, Colorado, and it met all our expectations! Driving through town we were a little apprehensive, but I saw like 4 signs for the ‘Kit Carson Carousel‘. Figuring that if there is a sign on every corner, it must be worth a gander, I was determined to find it. No disappointment! It was  a really cool, old Philadelphia made carousel, and rides were only 25 cents! Although we didn’t ride on it…next time, I guess.

Pretty pony.

And they're neck and neck! And terrified!!

After showing Daphne some of the pictures she reminded me of the Improv Everywhere carousel horse race, which you should watch if you haven’t seen it.

There was also some kind of summer festival in Burlington, Colorado, and we saw tons of old-timey cars out and a country western band. We strolled along the street and checked them out, then headed over to the food trucks. Mom got tacos and I had a bierock. I got it because I wasn’t sure what it was. Basically, it’s a pastry with meat inside. I had sausage and onions, based on the opinion of the other guy waiting in line.

Food trucks in Burlington, Colorado.

My bierock. Looks like something you can get on a train or ferry. It was ok.

We continued on to Denver and hung out with Daphne for a little while. She took us to a Vietnamese restaurant (Pho on 6th) for our first taste of Pho, which was amazing. Next morning she took us to Snooze, an awesome breakfast joint. I had homemade corned beef hash (not from the can!) and a red velvet pancake. They were both delicious, and left me nice and overstuffed for our drive to Crested Butte. Mom had some variation on eggs benedict, and so did Daphne.

My red velvet pancake at Snooze in Denver, Colorado.

We hit the road after saying ta-ta to Daphne and Denver, and headed straight for Blackhawk and Central City, because my aunt and uncle used to live there, or near there. These areas have been taken over by casinos, so they are quite bustling. We worked hard to avoid the siren call of the slot machines and proceeded on our way.

Um, all my pictures of the casinos turned out bad. So here's the proof! We were there!

My poor little Yaris was not having fun on the Colorado roads. Lots of mountains and not so much horsepower makes for a sad car. I ended up driving most of this section of highway in 3rd gear, just so I wasn’t decelerating. For all you who don’t drive cars with a stick shift, that is pretty unusual for highway driving.

View from the scenic vista off route 70 a little south of Denver, Colorado.

We got off the highway and took smaller roads, which was really breathtaking. We stopped in Carbondale for lunch because that’s where my mom’s childhood friend went to high school. Amazing views of some of the red rocks, and one of the best diners I’ve ever eaten at too!

View from Carbondale, Colorado.

Townie (they're called that because you ride them around town), complete with wheelbarrow. Outside the diner in Carbondale, Colorado.

After Carbondale we drove for a while, looping around mountains, and headed for the Kebler Pass into Crested Butte. It cut off a hunk of our trip, and we got to test the Yaris on dirt mountain roads! It’s about as close to off-roading that car is going to get. Saw tons of Aspens, 2 deer, 3 sheep, and a bunch of horses and cows. All in all, a nice trip!

Aspens on the Kebler Pass into Crested Butte, Colorado.

Finally arrived to see sissypants in Crested Butte, and have been exercising our road food off for the past 3 days. I’ll write more about that next time. Now it’s time to hide my nose in some school books, before I head out on an afternoon hike.


One response to “We’re not in Kansas Anymore…We’re in Colorado!

  1. Hello, I am from Burlington and wanted to tell you to come back anytime, we have events all year round and the carousel is a blast! Thanks for the mention

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