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Gobble Gobble

My plate of food. Or maybe Lewis's.

I should be writing a paper right now, so I decided to upload some pictures instead! That’s still productive, right? Thanksgiving was about a week and a half ago, and boy was it fun. Everyone came to our house, we played volleyball, the wine was flowing, and we got to play with everyone’s favorite childhood toy, Bill Dings! Sounds like a typical holiday, right?

Sister Sarah on the east coast!

Sister came home for the first time in two years, which made for a fun and exciting holiday. With her and the death-defying Teddy-poo, I’m not sure how we survived all the stimulation.

The table all set for Turkey Time

Some of the food for the lunch course of the day. We also have pie course, and breakfast around 8 pm.

We had a traditional dining set up. Adult table and kid table. Although, the kid table now gets its own bottle of wine. We’re very mature for our age. Don’t worry, we also serve cider for the youngsters.

Leading the gobble.

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a good family gobble, and of course the traditional giving the host’s The Clap. We’re totally normal, I swear. The thing in his hand above is a turkey caller. That’s right, not only do we gobble, we have tools that gobble for us.

Our high-tech volleyball net. Got to work that turkey off somehow!

We usually do some activity after the big meal of the day, and this year Sister suggested volleyball. Not owning a net, Dad used a little ingenuity, and created one of our very own. The two youngest got to be captains, and it was a pretty rousing game. I was the ref, which was a crucial position. Once I learned how to keep score I had to actually pay attention, because without an actual net some of those jokers would try and go under the rope/net. Then I got too cold and went in for a beer with two points in the last game. It was pretty dark by then anyway.

Bill Ding structure.

Bill Ding structure

Once inside we went for another round of Bill Ding Blocks. The way it works is me and my younger cousins try to build things, while the older people try to knock them down. It’s fun for the whole family. One year Willa and I managed to build a structure using every Bill Ding in the kit that we’ve got. Ever since then, we’ve just been chasing the dream.

The next day Sister and I did a little Black Friday shopping. I got a new computie, and we both got some clothes, but no real deals. Well, Sister made some sweet finds at the second-hand store…but most of the things I bought that weekend were full priced. I need to get work on that I think.

Family portrait.

That night we went out for a family dinner round two courtesy of the Chesebrough’s from Minnesota. Some of the best wine and steak of the year at Flemings at the Westin, and of course the best company! As has become a tradition, we also took a family picture around the christmas tree in the lobby, I got a few shots of people trying to arrange themselves. This is what happens when you try to do a picture AFTER everyone’s had a few glasses (bottles?) of wine.

Wright's Farm Restaurant in Harrisville, R.I.

Mom and Sister at Wright's Farm Restaurant in Harrisville, R.I.

For the last night in Massachusetts I convinced Mom to try out a roadfood restaurant, in honor of our trip this past summer. Recently, on The Splendid Table, the Sterns’ talked about Wright’s Farm Restaurant, and how delicious it was. Since it’s not too far from our house in Douglas we set out to try it for ourselves. Mom and Sister really weren’t big fans. I thought the chicken (which is supposed to be the highlight of the meal) was really tender, and the white meat was super juicy. The real star of the meal were the french fries though. I could go back and eat them forever. Which is convenient, because everything you order is all-you-can-eat. The rest of the food the bring out is run of the mill. Some salad from a bag, some rolls from a bag, some pasta from a box. And don’t get dessert. Big mistake. All in all, pretty good, but I don’t think it warrants another visit (and I’m pretty sure Mom and Sister feel the same way).

That’s all for this year’s turkey fest. Hopefully I’ll be going on a trip soon. If you have any suggestions, I’m open to them.

Just remember:

The best things in life are Cheese. With Cheese.