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A Little About Me


I enjoy traveling to new places and getting the opportunity to enjoy new foods, new cultures and meet new people. I have been lucky enough to travel around Europe and Argentina through Ski With Charlie, a Ski Tour Group based out of Whitinsville, MA. Although I’m not the most avid snowboarder, I do enjoy shusssshing down a European Alp or two, especially when I attempt to go off piste and immediately get bogged down in the powder. My Mother and Sister are ski fanatics, who can’t fathom that I wouldn’t want to ski every day of the trip. How could I though? There are always side trips offering day trips to cities and towns I’ve never been, and opportunities for me to see new and interesting things.

I also got to feed the travel bug by backpacking through Europe with two of my good friends from college. We travelled by train and car from Paris, France to Heidelberg, Germany to Munich, Germany to Prague, Czech Republic to Salzburg, Austria to Ljubljana, Slovenia to Zagreb, Croatia to Split, Croatia to Rome, Italy to Florence, Italy to Nice, France and back to Paris, France for our return flight. We hit each city for a day or three, and completed the trip in 3 weeks. It was an adventure particularly because we hadn’t spent such an extended amount of time together in years, and here we were living and budgeting together in extremely close quarters for 3 weeks.Lets just say we’re lucky we’re still talking to one another.

Plitvicka Jezera National Park, Croatia. Photograph by Elizabeth Chesebrough.

Town Hall, Munich, Germany. Photograph by Elizabeth Chesebrough.

I’m heading off to Europe in about two weeks, and I am getting very excited for this trip. I have decided to start this blog as an exercise, to see how disciplined I can be about posting, and how interesting I can make it. I know that this post is falling on the dry side, but it’s hard to start out! I want to backpack around Central and South America this summer, before hopefully beginning a PhD program in Earth and Environmental Science in the CUNY school system. If I can make my future eurotrip to Ischgl, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; and Paris, France interesting enough blog fodder, than I might document my future backpacking adventure for your enjoyment as well. Actually, I’ll probably document the trip no matter the outcome of my future blogging exercise, but I suppose if I can make this trip sound exciting enough perhaps you will read about my future one as well!