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Powder Puff Day

Sister searching out the powpow.

Me showing the mountain who's boss...

Me showing the mountain who's boss

We don't look like tourists, do we?

We don't look like tourists, do we?

Today I did the most powder I’ve ever done. I hiked to a drop-in. Despite the fact that my rental boots were too small today resulting in a whinier than usual Liz, Sarah stuck with me and showed me some of the nicer and slightly easier powder spots she’d found over the week. The powder fields were awesome, especially the one we hiked to, but my exits were usually far from graceful, and I fell many times, like the rookie I am.

Working through powder the day after my cross-country trek that ended up being 12.5 kilometers has turned my legs to jello. We’re heading to Prague tomorrow, and I am looking forward to simply walking around town! No more extreme sports this week…hopefully!

Last night sister and me went tobogganing. The trail is 7 km long, and about half a kilometer in we were going too fast, hit a berm, and we went flying one way and our sled continued on down without us, off the track. Luckily we found the sled a few switchbacks down later, and we had fun sliding down the mountain to find it. Leave it to Sarah to drag me off-piste on a toboggan run.

Our horses looked thrilled when we met them

Sarah and me decided to join the group on a horse drawn sled ride through town. It was picturesque and all, but it followed the same trail, and went to the same café, that my dad and me did on our cross-country ski journey. And it was pretty cold. And having a team of 2 horses pulling 12 Americans and one driver along a snowy trail made me feel kind of guilty. All in all, typical tourist’s adventure, however this is one I wouldn’t repeat.

Sarah and Dan hit up Club Pacha, a VIP club in Ischgl that boasts hosting individuals such as Paris Hilton and Katy Perry. They had a blast, until they realized the credit card limit was 100 euro. Pretty sure they would die if they drank that much they chose to join the hotel’s waitstaff and have a few drinks on them before crawling home. They’re headed out tonight to try and surpass their previous antics, hopefully they’ll make it on the bus to the airport, departing bright and early at 6:45…