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Impending Journey

Tonight I will be flying to Zurich with my family (and about 25 other people) for a week-long ski vacation in Ischgl, Austria. This is quite an event because I haven’t seen my father take such an extended trip in over ten years. The last time I traveled with him it was by bus to Quebec City, and he exited the bus at every opportunity to stretch his legs or have a smoke.

This guy's in charge of the farm while we're off on a little R&R

Besides the novelty of traveling with dad, my whole family probably hasn’t spent this much time together in years. This will be a unique experience for us to reconnect over rich and delicious foods, excellent wines, and some good exercise on the slopes. Ski bunny, I am not, so I am sure I’ll do a little sight-seeing as well, and let the rest of the fam duke it out on the slopes.

Auf Wiedersehen!