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Phishing in Saratoga

Last weekend I got to escape the hot hot heat in NYC and chill out in Saratoga Springs. I went up for the Phish show, and stayed for the air conditioning. The show was a lot of fun. I had only been to a New Year’s Eve show previously, so it was cool to see how a ‘normal’ show differed. It was also cool to see how a ‘country’ show differs from a ‘city’ show. I liked the show, it was definitely more mellow. I think my two favorite parts were the cover of Psycho Killer and when Jon Fishman came out for some vocals, partially because he almost tripped over the amp while he was running around the stage.

Phish show at SPAC

It was a really long show, so we slept in till the ungodly hour of 9 am the next day. Sleeping in is totally different now than when I lived in Saratoga when I was a college student. The day was kind of gray, so Lindsay and I walked around Saratoga Spa State Park while her hubby Brian went for a run. We found one of the natural springs in the park that acts as a geyser, spouting out water constantly. I think it is the only active geyser in the US west of the Mississippi. The water is really rich in minerals so there’s a large carbonate/sulfur mound built up around it. We did not go to the more wall-like structure, because we did not know it existed until after we left the area. Well, I visited it in college on a field trip, but forgot about it.

Active geyser in Saratoga Spa State Park.

Then we walked up to the Victoria pool to check it out. Had it been a sunnier day we were planning on hanging out there, but the $8 admission fee was too high on this cloudy day. It’s neat to see the classic design of the pool.

Victoria Pool, Saratoga Spa State Park

Next stop was lunch at Ben and Leah’s to hang out with them and their new daughter, Eliza. We had some delicious sandwiches from Roma’s and some quality time with the bay-bay. Since she’s too young to hold her head up, much less a golf club, they decided to sit out our afternoon game of mini-golf. It was one of the better courses I’ve played on (that’s not saying much since I rarely go mini-golfing, but it had some cool Saratoga-themed obstacles), and I pulled off a second place finish, wooo!

Murphy’s Golf, home to one of the oldest driving ranges in the country (and an awesome mini-golf course)!

He wishes he was at Victoria Pool today instead of lying around at hole #2.

Aaaand they’re off!

We all made it to the winner’s circle!

After that we met up with the Nathan’s for a little afternoon ice cream snack at the Dairy Haus. I had a vanilla soft-serve with butterscotch dip. Way better than at Carvel!

Mmmm. Dairy Haus.

After that it was dinner at Chez McNamara and out for a few drinks on Caroline Street. We had some fancy cocktails and then one last drink at Gaffney’s for old time’s sake. Right before we headed home we couldn’t resist (or maybe I demanded) stopping into Esperantos for doughboys and pizza with blue cheese dressing.

Caroline Street…where I spent far too much time senior year.

One of the many painted horses in Saratoga Springs. Jazz themed.

Fancy drinks.

Classic beer at Gaffney’s.

It was a nice weekend welcoming the new generation and reminiscing about the good old days.