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Broken Cars and Bent Teeth

So right before Thanksgiving we had a girl’s week in Vieques, Puerto Rico. It was our second trip out there, and let me tell you, the planes keep getting smaller! This one held about 8 people!

Little plane to Vieques from Puerto Rico

Little plane to Vieques from Puerto Rico

There was, of course, a beautiful view flying over Puerto Rico. Very pleasant 20 minute ride, so long as I managed to get some shots without the propeller in them!

View from the plane.

View from the plane.

Our first stop was for the rental car. We picked it up, went to the market, and dropped our stuff of at Casa Verde. Next stop: chili cook-off! Mom had read about it in some blog, and we figured, why the heck not? Plus with a sunset like this, you can’t say no!

Sunset from Vieques.

Sunset from Vieques.

So, we headed down to Esperanza to eat some chili. There were a few losers, and a whole bunch of winners…especially our tummies! After eating our fill we decided to head back home. As we’re driving down main street I can’t figure out why the radio won’t start. The problem? Dead alternator. That’s right, the car ended up stalling right in the middle of the street. We had all left our phones at home. Mom left the car contract at home. We were stuck in the middle of a narrow street, and of course a school bus comes. Not full of children, just a school bus at about 730 pm. The problem was solved by a handful of locals, who decided to jump start the car by removing the battery from one of theirs, and using it to ‘kiss’ our battery. That’s right folks, jump cables are for wussies on Vieques! We managed to get home via a taxi, but the next day had quite a hard time dealing with ‘island time response’ (slow) to our lack of car rental, and our desire to get to the beach. Plus, without a ‘real’ address, it was difficult communicating where we were staying…”turn right at the gas station, then left at the fork with the sleeping dog. If you’ve passed the horse you’ve gone too far!”.

It all worked out in the end though, and we were able to enjoy the rest of our trip, including horseback riding!

Sarah Riding a horse.

Sarah Riding a horse.

We also took a bike tour. That was almost as eventful as the car breakdown, since one of the tour guides decided to ride over a pile of horse poop, slipped, fell, and had his shoulder dislocate. And these guys are in charge? We explored the abandoned sugar mills, which was super cool, and headed home via the bunkers.

Mom, Sarah, and Me, in the sugar mill ruins.

Mom, Sarah, and Me, in the sugar mill ruins.

Sarah and I were riding ahead and our remaining guide decided to hold up to wait for Mom. Good thing she did. Next thing you know Mom hit the deck, bouncing off the ground using her tooth as a spring. Luckily, no serious injuries, but her tooth was bent in for a few hours, and she had some scrapes and bruises. Never a dull moment!

I had to head back early to complete some school work, but I hear Sarah and Mom had some more quality beach time, and got to go to the best restaurant in town. I bet they were just waiting for me to leave…those lucky ducks! I guess we’ll just have to go back again so I can get a chance to enjoy some more Island hospitality!


Crested Butte: Wildflower Capital of Colorado…and Other Stuff

Welcome to Crested Butte, Colorado

So, we’ve finally arrived at our westernmost-destination, and it’s been great to stretch our legs and get out of the car for the past few days!

Sarah showed us the town boulder and one of the nearby parks when we arrived. The town boulder is an artificial boulder, created as a way for people to practice bouldering, one of the typical activities in this town. The goal is to make it around the whole thing without falling.

Sarah on the boulder.

The next day we took two walks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, to check out the wildflowers. Crested Butte is the wildflower capital of Colorado, and it did not disappoint. I won’t bore you with too many flowers, but here are a couple of pictures.

Prairie Smoke

Blue flowers. Don't know what they're called.

Sarah and I on the morning walk. Crested Butte Mountain in the background.

We have been doing a bunch of things. Sarah wanted to take me rock climbing, but that didn’t happen, so instead we went horseback riding! It was an adventure, and made me miss riding very much, even if we were just trail riding western-style on auto-pilot horses.

Sarah and I on our horses, on top of Cougar *something*. I wasn't paying attention so I don't remember the whole name.

Sarah's horse navigating some rocks in the trail.

After riding I went to watch her play softball. They won, 18-9.

Sarah in uniform. Her team name: The Whetstoners.

One delay that I didn’t expect was a little traffic jam. What happened? An accident? nope. Moving the cattle to the high country. We got to drive right next to a whole herd of cattle.

Moooooove over, cows!

For dinner one night we went to the best restaurant in Crested Butte: Soupcon. Some of the best food I’ve ever had. I had filet mignon and pommes frites with a stuffed portabella. Sisterpants had elk, mom had veal, and Joanie (mom’s friend, she’s so popular) had halibut. We shared the crème brule for dessert. Yum yum!

Soupcon, fine dining in Crested Butte.

As for the license plate game, we’re starting from square one on our return trip. We managed to find every state, except for Rhode Island. Those sneaky drivers. Didn’t see Washington, D.C. either, but I’m not as concerned with that one. It’s not an autonomous state, after all. We found Alaska and Hawaii both in Kansas, at rest stops. Those were very exciting times.

Final day of the license plate game! Almost completed the map!

Now I’m sitting in my sister’s workplace (The Sunflower Deli), enjoying an amazing breakfast sandwich and getting ready to hit the road again. I’m excited to hit up some horse country in Kentucky, and am going to try to do some fossil hunting along the way as well (nerd alert). I’m definitely going to miss these views though!

Crested Butte and reflection in Peanut Lake

Can't beat the weather!