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Cross Crunchy Screaming

For some reason every time I try to say “cross-country skiing” it comes out as “cross crunchy screaming”, and it’s starting to get old. Today I went out on an exploratory run with my dad, and it was awesome. We found the one rental place in Ischgl for cross-country skis, and hit the trail. We ended up on a great groomed trail that runs through a valley, and stopped in Mathon for our lunch coffee and hot chocolate. This is when we decided that the only people who live in this town work in the resorts or on the mountain, as we only found one open restaurant, and no one was walking around anywhere…except us!

Map of cross-country ski trails

All in all, it was a great work out. I had some awesome pictures, but of course my camera is not cooperating, and decided the memory card was no longer formatted correctly, so I’ve got nothing. Since we’re heading out again tomorrow on a 10.5 km jaunt, I should be able to shoot some new ones. I’m also mad because I had some sweet shots of Galtur from our day skiing over there. It was a really nice mountain, although far smaller than Ischgl/Samnaun. And a lot colder, with a bitter wind blowing the snow and creating some icy spots that were hard to identify.

Sister all tuckered out after a hard day of boarding. And eating steak.

We had an awesome dinner at a restaurant in town, and enjoyed some traditional wienershnitzle and steaks. I followed mine with some deeeelish white and dark chocolate mousse. It was a great end to an excellent day. Tomorrow we’re going tobogganing at night, which I can’t wait to do. Last time me and sister rode the same sled, and have some pretty hilarious memories. We’re looking for a repeat performance. Then Friday I’m going to bite the bullet and follow the experts (Sister and Dan Erickson) as they leave their signatures in some of the gorgeous pow that’s still on the mountain, 4 days after the last snowfall. I’m a little nervous considering Sarah has been dragging Dan around the mountain all week and today he hit a jump and cracked his ski all the way through and pulled his hip flexor. And he’s a ski racer. Just think what she’s going to do to a rookie like me…

On a side note I just got accepted into CUNY’s PhD program, with a full scholarship, health insurance and a living stipend. I’m so smart!