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Adios Brooklyn, Hola Colombia!!

Sooooo, COLOMBIA!!! It’s kind of awesome. I’m here with my friend Marley, and after a 4 hour delay and no movies in the airplane (Jet Blue gave us a nice credit for our troubles) we made it to Bogota, Colombia! Right off the bat it was an adventure, as we couldn’t locate the shuttle that we had ordered to ease our transition into the world of Spanish speakers. None-the-less, we managed to get into a legit taxi and bargain them down to a reasonable price and get to our hostel at the early hour of Midnight! We’re staying at Destino Nomada in the Candelaria district, which is kind of the old town center. They’ve got some silhouettes in case you aren’t sure what to do in the facilities.

Bathroom Silhouette

Shower Silhouette

The first day Marley and I woke up bright and early and walked and walked around the city. We got a ‘typical breakfast’ and watched the people walking around us, explored the supermarket, and did the ‘walking tour’ in the guidebook. Near the end we just started wandering, and noticed a cathedral at the top of a hill. After consulting a map and my guidebook (tourist alert!), we discovered it’s the Cerro de Montserrate.

Me and the cable car

Cerro de Montserrate from the cable car on the way up.

Buisness district of Bogota from Montserrate.

On our way down we wandered into The Warehouse Art, a gallery that had a great photography exhibit (I wrote the artist in my notebook, but of course that’s not near me now).

The Warehouse.Art . . . free art!

We made it back to the hostel, where we had some drinks and went out in La Zona Rosa, which is far away from where we were staying. It was fun, we partook in the traditional Aguardiente shots (tastes like anise), and stayed out nice and late.

Next day we went to La Catedral de Sol (the Salt Cathedral) in Zipiquira, about an hour outside the city. If nothing else exciting happens, I’ll share some pictures next time I get a chance.
Heading to Medellin today, and then La Zona Cafetera (the coffee growing region). So far so good, and looking forward to seeing some new sites and meeting new people!

(forgive my lack of accents…I don’t know how to add them with this PC computer!)